One of the best shows on TV at the moment is Game of thrones. I know its been a few weeks since the season 4 finale aired but I have already been experiencing some serious withdrawal.
The show is an adaption of George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, a song of ice and fire.The show is named after the first volume of the series, A game of thrones.

I have been a great fan from the beginning but didn't really consider reading the books until the end of the fourth season.

The show is known for its twists and turns which of course the book readers are well aware of before the show airs. This whole season I had been waiting for a big face down between the mountain and my favorite new guy Oberyn Martell aka the red viper of Dorne.

And after weeks of waiting , the episode finally arrived I watched happily and unaware of the tragedy that follows until the last few minutes of the episode thinking the mountain would get what he deserved.
And out of the blue my hopes and dreams got shattered as the mountain brutally murdered  the viper of dorne and how I will miss that sweet dornish accent.That  is the day I decided I was going to start reading the novels. To avoid any future heart break of liking a character on screen and having them suddenly die .

So I waited until the season finale to go down to the nearest bookstore to get myself a copy of A feast for crows by George R.R. Martin,that's the forth of the seven planned novels of A song of ice and fire.

It starts off right where the season finale left off. I'm still in the starting pages of the book and I already like it . it explains a lot more than is show in the tv series, we get to hear the characters thoughts and thorough explanations of their surroundings.It is a great read to any book lovers out there and fans of the tv show. if any of you have read it or watch the show please let me know below.

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