Photography gadgets to invest in : Beginners guide



Hey Everyone 

Today I thought I should share with you a few gadgets that I think you should invest in to improve your blog photography game or if you are a newbie photographer.

1. A Tripod
You should invest in a tripod,  it makes things so much easier when you are taking pictures or recording videos on your own and you have no one to help you with holding the camera.


April Roundup

Hey Everyone

April was just a quick month for me, not a lot happened so it was over before i knew it.

Anyway this post was supposed to be earlier but I couldn't get it ready on time but anyways better late than ever.  

Wanting: To have more chilled weekends,just lying in bed doing nothing

Reading: The best unexplained theories , a lovely read
Watching: Game of Thrones and Greys Anatomy, Its amazing how greys is so good at the moment
Listening: to Lemonade just like everyone else, best tracks are Sorry, Hold up and Love drought

Hoping: to start working on my new years resolutions already .... cant believe its May already
Waiting: For spring time already, its Autumn in South Africa and already cold as hell. Long story short I am not a winter / cold weather person.
Wishing: We had summer all year round, i literally have no idea what to wear in winter
Working: On a few new posts for the coming weeks

Munching : on M&Ms, just recently re-discovered how much I love them
Sipping: On lots of tea, I am trying to limit my coffee consumption for a while btw Woolworths has the best selection of flavored tea , My all time favorite is the vanilla flavor.
Saving: up for new photo equipment
Looking: For a new fragranced body butter , they stopped  making my favorite one at woolies (sad face)

Wearing:  A lot of blazers at the moment, they are just something everyone should invest in
Loving: All the long weekends we have been having
Bookmarking: Anything that's Mark Manson

Thanks for reading




How to get the Job/internship you want

Hey Everyone

I feel like I haven't posted in a while,  apart from being busy with life I have been experiencing the worst kind writers block. Anyway I am back and I thought I would share with you my tips on getting the internship/job you want.

1. confidence is key
Apart from being prepared,  confidence is always important when you go for interviews. 
The way you express or represent yourself can be a major factor in getting the job you want 


March round up

 Photo credit: Pinkpot
Post inspo: A balancing peach

                                          Chapter 24 / How I improved my blog photography

Hey Everyone

March was a surprisingly good month.  Even though it had a lot of ups and downs , a lot of things ended up working out.
It started out with finally getting my long awaited photography equipment , sooo it was a fun month learning to use everything.

Most importantly it was my birthday month which was exciting and I got to the celebrate it the whole week (fun and tiring).On to other exciting news , the day before my birthday I got the job that I really wanted, that was a big load of my shoulders since I was stressing about turning 24 and having to go back to staying at home n etc.  (My last contract had just ended in January) .


How I improved my blog photography

I have been blogging for almost a year and a half now, when I started my blog I had a vision of how I wanted my blog and pictures to look .
Now I feel like I am at a place where my pictures have improved alot from what they used to be.  Even though I still have a few area to improve I would like to share with you a few things I have learned along the way.


Chapter 24

Today is my birthday.... I am officially 24 years old.
It's a bit scary to say out loud seems like such a big number,  anyway I want to share with you some of the things I have learned from my 24 years of existence.

Here we go:

  • Always be kind
  • Be yourself always
  • If you haven't found it yet,keep looking
  • The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have
  • Family will always be there for you
  • Appreciate the good moments
  • Surround your self with people who add to your life
  • You never know until you ask, until you do the answer is always no
  • Treat people how you want to be treated
  • Follow your dreams no matter how scary it is
  • Things always workout in the end
  • You know you have made the right decision when there is peace in your heart
  • Sometimes you try your best and things don't  work in your favour and that's okay
  • If  don't give it your all, it doesn't deserve your time
  • Love unconditionally
  • You never stop learning
  • Keep the promises you make to yourself
  • Let things go
  • Take sometime for yourself
  • If you don't like something then change it
  • Appreciate the people who are always there for you
  • Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone
  • You teach people how to treat you
  • Don't live in the past
  • Experience is the best teacher


Favourite fragrances at the moment

Hello Everyone
Today I want to share with you some of my favourite perfumes at the moment,  in other words my current most worn fragrances.
I am really into light ,feminine and fruity perfumes.  
Some of the fruity perfumes I use are light so I usually pair them with a fragranced body butter of my choice.