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With all my favourite shows on a break 'til October, its been a struggle to find news shows to watch. But I recently came across a few new shows that are exciting and have been keeping me company for a few's a few below.

Chasing life

April is a 24 year old budding reporter working at a Boston paper. She soon finds out she has leukaemia from her estranged uncle who's a Doctor.she has to find out how to deal with her diagnosis while building her career, just starting to date her work crush and finding out her deceased father has a secret love child..... As if that's not enough stress to put a person a person down there's also a possibility of not having biological children.

The good thing about the show is April is a smart and fun character who uses humour and sarcasm to deal with her daily struggles with the big c word. Her personally and attitude makes the show easy and fun to watch so there's no need to for tissues every night you watch it.

Finding carter


A show about a teenager who's life gets turned upside down when she discovers that  the woman she believed was her mother abducted her at a young age.

She has to return to her biological parents and siblings . She has to deal with not being with the mother she knows and had loved being taken away from her, learning she has a twin sister and her father writing a secret novel about her.

The show reminds me a bit of switched at birth even thou its dealing with something completely different, I feel like some of the characters experience the same kind of problems.

For those of you who are more interested in supernatural shows, you might like:

 The extant and
The strain.

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