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Having a beautiful and relaxing day while listening to the scripts new music. I am a huge fan , hope to see them when they come to south Africa early next year. Now enough about music I wanna share my top 5 nail polish shades at the moment.

I love wearing nail polish but the shade I wear depends on my moods that's probably the reason I always change them up weekly.

First on my list:
La paz by mavala

Its a delightful ,bright pink nail polish. Its one of my favourite colours to wear because its bright but also soft enough to wear on a daily basis.I prefer wearing it on my toes as I always wear open toed shoes as I feel it brightens my whole attire.

2. Essence: revolution

There's noting I love more than essence nail polish. My collection consists of almost all of their shades.if I had to choose a favourite shade I would be ' ultimate pink' but haven't been able to find it in any stores in a while.

Now redvolution is a bright and fiery shade. I don't really like bright red shades but this one won me over, it has a bit of an orangey look to it. Its good for those when you need a pick me up.

3.Nails by identity

I hadn't really paid much attention to the nail polish from identity in the past but I got myself to try some of their new matte shades and guess what.. I really liked them.
They are easy to apply and very quick to dry and colours look amazing. My favourite shades are the white and indigo.

They are R29.99

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