12 monkeys and The lottery

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I feel like it has been a while since I wrote about TV shows....
Today's post is about two new shows that I m currently watching.....the two shows have one thing in common ,which is a virus that has affected the worlds population.

12 monkeys

A show about a time traveller from the year 2043 who travels back to the present day in order to stop a deadly virus that killed almost all of the world population in his time.
It is based on a movie in the same name, I won't say much about the show since it only started a few weeks ago but its a must watch for any Sci-fi and action fan.

The lottery

It's a post-apocalyptic show that is based in the year 2025 in a time where women can no longer have children due to an infertility pandemic. A  doctor makes a breakthrough and is able to fertilize eggs to create  100 viable human embryos. The government decides to hold a public lottery to select 100 women who will carry the embryos till birth.

I like the whole concept of the show and it keeps you one the edge of the seat throughout. There are only 10 episodes for the series available but they are all worth it.

p.s I only found out its been cancelled a few days ago so there wont be a season 2. (sad face) Either way its still worth watching.

                                        which shows are you currently watching?

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