A few items needed in a small bedroom


I have recently moved into a small bedroom and I've been thinking of ways to decorate it without overcrowding the room with unnecessary things.
I have already gotten a few things so far but they are still are few that are still missing.
My main focus was on getting things that I can use for a long time(quality) , things that have double use and decor that makes the room bigger than it is.

I got a full length mirror with white edges @mrpricehome , was thinking of painting it black when I first got it for some reason but I have changed my mind  since I have seen how well it fits in with the white walls in the room.
In my opinion a mirror complements a small space well and also great for  getting a full view of your outfits haha.


I chose a room with a large window ‘cause I like the idea of always having light in my room.
This gives the illusion of it being bigger than it is.
I don’t know if it’s just me but I would never be comfortable in a room with the smallest windows that hardly lets any light in.
If you don’t have any or enough light coming into your room ,you can always get an extra hand from store bought lights.

Storage, storage, storage

The wardrobe that came with the room isn't really enough to fit all my belongings sooo I’m planning on getting a chest of drawers as soon as I can find one I like.
Another thing I also like for storage is storage ottomans and blanket boxes. I  think they are a nice thing to have as they can be used for both decor and storage .I'm excited to see how it will end up looking.


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