In my closet :work wear essentials

work wear essentials

I have recently entered the corporate world and I have been slowly building my work wear wardrobe. 
I have been focusing on key pieces that go well with almost every piece I own...which is a must if you are just starting to collect items.


This is amongst the most important piece I own ,reason being it can be worn with pants,dresses and also skirts.

It is a proven way to polish your look. 
I am a big fan of midi length blazers and I collect them in different colours besides the classic black. ..I have them in navy blue, white and red.

Little White dress

This is a simple and very professional can be paired with a blazer of your liking and my favourite item... the wide belt.

A blouse

A nice blouse that goes with everything is a must to any wardrobe.If I find a design I like ,I usually collect it in different colours that way I can change it up as much as I can.

Simple black pants

Need I say more? They are easy to style and always look professional.I decided on getting a pair of pants as I am more comfortable in them than skirts.This  is my favourite item in my closet

A statement bag

I have been meaning to write a handbag post for a while now (coming soon).
I think a bag that's gone fit all the things you will need at work and also look stylish is a must.
I think call it spring have the nicest handbags ever.
Items I still want to invest in:
little black/grey dress
white pencil skirt
white/navy blue simple pants


  1. These are gorgeous! And so true, definitely closet staples for work!


  2. Hi Stacey,

    You are so right with choosing the right pieces that would compliment the rest of your wardrobe. This will allow you to mix and match so you'll have different ensemble all the time.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing.

    Jo of

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  4. Rayne Toni Alexander20 March 2015 at 09:22

    Love that blazer! I have always worked from home so my usual ensemble is pyjamas or sweatpants ;)

    I would love to be in a work environment where you get to dress up every day :)



  5. Yeah its great to get to dress up daily but I always look forward to when I get home so I can have my pjs on....


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