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I have recently started working out again after 7 months absence from the gym.
I took a break a few months after I graduated because of financial reasons ( being a recent graduate and looking for a job etc)
Another reason was I wasn't seriously committed because being done with school meant I had all this free time in my hands and I would spend half of the month at home and the other half back at campus(used to go home every two weeks ).
Now I feel like I can finally commit like when I was still studying because I am now settled in the same area.

Here are my tips to starting to work out again

Start slowly
Need to get your body to get used to working out again. So build your pace as time goes by.

Do your research
This can be anything from the diet you want to follow ,what work outs you would like to focus on and etc

Choose what works for you
Time: what time of the day you prefer to workout
When I started I thought it would be better for me to exercise after work, I tried it out for a week but realised that I wasn't being faithful to the times I had set for myself and during the day I would think of all the excuses I can of why I couldn't go to the gym that day so I would end up not going.
So I decided that the best way for  me was to make time in the morning that way I would

Gym or home: choose what you prefer , it can be exercising at home or joining the gym.
I think going to the gym can add a lil motivation but it all depends on will power.

Try it out
I think it’s better to try something out first to see which routine  works for your lifestyle better.

Whether it’s working out at the gym or at home, just try it out for a while to see which route keeps you motivated and committed in achieving your fitness goals.

                   What keeps you motivated to stick to your workout routines?

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