One year Birthday: My blogging story

I really can't believe I have been blogging for a whole year now, yes simply Stacey is a year old this month. It seems so unreal saying that to myself , I started this blog last year in early July after a few months of hesitation and procrastination. 

 My biggest fear was that I was not going to have much to write about or that I would simply give up or just quit after a while.
I started this blog because I wanted a space for myself where I get to write down my thoughts , share the little things I enjoy in life and more.

 It's funny thinking about the times and days I spent trying to figure out a name that would be perfect for this little space, I had to change the blog name twice before I came up with Simply Stacey.
In the end that's the name that spoke to me , that didn't limit what I wanted to share and that keeps me grounded,  reminds me of who I am. All in all Simply Stacey is just a way of simply being me.
A few of the best things about blogging are:
  • Making new friends with people who have I have similar interests with
  • Having people who take time to read my blog weekly
  • Having a space for myself
  • The writing
  • Taking pictures for the blog.


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