Little Things that make me happy

I feel like the more we grow up, the more responsibilities we seem to have and I have noticed how my life has completely changed from my days as a student till now.
Since graduating and starting to work full time I feel like I have learned to appreciate my free time a lot more .
This has actually helped me  figure out things that I really enjoy doing and things that I look forward to.

So below are the little things that really make me happy :

  • Finishing a great workout
  • Staying in bed all day(very rare )
  • Binge watching a newly discovered show
  • Listening to my favourite song/s on repeat
  • The amazing shower after a workout
  • Public holidays
  • Fridays/weekends
  • Warm days
  • A fresh cup of coffee/tea
  • Changing into my pj's
  • Buying new makeup and clothes
  • Chocolate
  • Pizza
  • Repeating my favourite scenes from different shows
  • Looking forward to something
  • Taking pictures
  • Newly painted nails
  • Going to the movies
                                                      What makes you happy?

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