Fitness update

This year is the year that I have really gotten serious about getting fit and working out often . Even though I have faced a lot of struggles with keeping a clean diet and working out on most days of the week I have kept at it and even though I still have a long way to go,  I am proud of all I have achieved so far.

The struggles

We on the last month of winter in south Africa , I am glad it's almost over.
It has been a bit hard to continue working out during colder weather , so I had to change my early morning workout to the evening.
Uhmmm staying next door to a pizzeria when u a pizza addict has to be one of the hardest things when you just starting out.


The gains

Running my 1st 10km run this past weekend (I'm actually still sore as I write this post haha)
Loosing half of the weight I set out to loose so far
Being currently on my 16th week of fitness
Feeling better about myself
And best of all being able to make healthy choices daily without alot of struggles.


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