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A few days ago I was lucky to have visited the Angelberry store in Pretoria. I chose to go there on a nice Sunday morning, since I knew it would be a nice relaxed experience.  I was accompanied by my friend Thabo who's a skater and blogger.
Sadly I couldn't visit the main store at kyalami but the lovely people at the Menlyn store where also happy to have us.
I had always noticed the bright store right at the Menlyn numetro entrance but I never had the chance to try especially since we have just said goodbye to the winter months and now since it's spring,  it was a nice way to cool down and enjoy a chilled treat.
As you can see in the pictures below , we tried all the flavours that were there.  They change their flavours weekly and it was really nice to hear that they taste them every 2 hours just to make sure it's still fresh.

We tried: Apple pie
                Mango stevia
                Coffee mocha
                Chocolate Stevia

We each had some frozen yoghurt  , I combined apple pie and mango stevia flavours which were absolutely divine.
Thabo had a coffee mocha and Chocolate stevia combo. It's self service and you can combine all the flavours that are available.
I couldn't decide on the toppings due to the  unlimited choices they have, since I couldn't make up my mind I asked the lovely lady at the store (Jennifer) to assist .
I was so sad they didn't have the famous wild berry flavour available that day but I will definitely go give it a try the next time I'm around the store.

One of the flavours I fell hard for was the apple pie ,I couldn't get enough of it just as the frozen yoghurt I just had to have it on the shake too . I paired it with the lychee pobbles toppings , it was such a delicious combination even though the lady at the store said it was the first time someone ordered such a combination haha.

Anyway you better go and try that shake combo and definitely thank me afterwards 'cause it tastes great.
One of the best things is that they have a fixed price so you can  just serve yourself as much as you like and add as much toppings you can.

                                                            Hope you enjoyed the post

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