A few facts about me

Hey everyone

I was inspired by my lovely friend Jabi from closet freedom to post a 20 facts about me tag....well mine ended up being the 16 facts about me tag.

  • I am a Pisces(2nd March)
  • I am extremely quiet that it makes a lot of people nervous.  ( always get asked if I am feeling okay cos of that)
  • I have never been outside of my home country south Africa ( needs to change sooon)
  • I dream of going backpacking around Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.
  • I am an introvert ( I enjoy the times I get to spend by myself a little too much)
  • I am scared of chameleons ( can anything be creepier)
  • My all time favourite song is poster girl by backstreet boys
  • I am scared of being under  moving ceiling fans ( witnessed a lil accident including one when I was younger)
  • I try and avoid horror movies
  • I hate chewing gum
  • I prefer watching series over movies
  • I only have orange juice with my meals in restaurants ( I always regret it when I try something else)
  • I can't swim ( really need to fix this)
  • I always keep my nails short and prefer to do my own manicures.
  • I hardly wear dresses and skirts 'cause I prefer jeans.
  • I have never watched star wars or any of the matrix movies.

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