Review: Essence mattifying cleansing gel and cream

I came across this two products during my visit to clicks a while ago. I had been looking for a nice moisturizer for a while. The main thing I look for in a moisturizer is how gentle it is to my skin. My eyes tend to be very sensitive to the point were I avoid most moisturizers (harsh ) because they get me teary eyed.

It is the first time I have been trying this product and one of the reasons I decided to try it was the simple packaging , the light and gentle scent and the budget friendly price.
I have been using both products together for a few weeks now and I am impressed.
So far my skin and eyes haven't reacted negatively to it which is great and I love the light smell, I am not a fan of products with a strong harsh smell.

Both products have lychee extract and grape seed oil, I guess that is what contributes to the nice smell.
I love the moisturizer and wouldn't change anything about it. It works well with my oily skin . It reduces the oiliness and dry quickly after applying it. I use it daily before I apply my primer and makeup.

The gel cleanser is transparent and feels soft against my skin. One thing I would improve is for it to have more lather. Even if that's the case it still works well with cleansing my skin.
I would recommend this product to any one with sensitive skin that is looking  gentle yet effective products.


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