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It's been nearly a year since I wrote a post about shows that I am currently watching , which is quite odd since I used to share this almost monthly when I 1st started my blog.... another thing I just realised its been almost two full years since I started the blog (July 2014) . I hope I go back to sharing all the things I enjoy watching on a regular basis.


This is one of my favourite shows at the moment.  It stars Josh Holloway (who most will know as Sawyer from the TV series Lost ) as Will Bowman and Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara on prison break ,lori on walking dead season 1 and 2) as Katie Bowman . Katie and will are a couple who stay under an organisation known as the colony Transitional Authority. They have 3 kids of which one of them is missing and most of the decisions they make on the show are based around getting him back.  In order to protect his family and get his son back Will starts working for the redheads who keep order in the different colonies . Part of his job is hunting down resistance members and unknowingly his wife is part of the resistance operative. 

Second chance

Fun TV show especially for the tech lovers amongst us

The show is about a corrupt 75 year old former sheriff named Jimmy Pritchard who can't seem to leave his life as a sheriff behind him ever since he retired.  He is  murdered shortly after the show starts and is brought back to life as a younger, healthier man (played by Robert Kazinsky) by tech genius twins Mary and Otto . 
The twins brought him back to life with the hope that his blood will help cure Mary's cancer.
Besides him getting a new chance at life he can't seem to leave his old life behind.

Crazy ex-girlfriend

This show has been on for a while and most of you already about it. Anyway I was a bit reluctant to try it at 1st mainly because of the name and I wasn't sure how it would be. Anyway I finally tried it and I can't seem to get tired of Rebecca's antics to win back the heart of her former boyfriend Josh Chan. All her efforts are clear to almost everyone except Josh... and it's funny how she keeps denying that she moved to L.A just so she can be around him. 
It's Surprising how funny and enjoyable the series is...

Also watching: the magicians

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