August Roundup

Wanting: to finish reading the shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon , I stopped reading a few months back, I should find time to finish it sooon.
Reading: Haven't been doing alot of reading lately
Watching: The night of

Getting: Ready for spring
Wishing:I had more time to do all the things I want to do
Working: On new beauty posts, want to focus on that for a while

Dreaming: Of taking a long vacation,its been a long year
Munching: On alot of healthy stuff lately,recently went back to gym
Sipping: on Vanilla rooibos tea from woolworths

Planning:On going back to posting weekly
Saving: up for a new phone
Looking: ways I can manage blogging and woring fulltime better
Wearing: My new truworths boots while counting down the days to spring (1 September)

Buying: Alot of new beauty products I have been meaning to try
Refusing:To stop wearing cardigans even though spring is a few days away, they are so comfy
Organizing:My room
Loving: My new blog template from pipdig
Bookmarking: How To Break Hearts and Risk Losing Everything by Mark Manson  and this article

Thanks for reading


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