Essence Keep it perfect makeup fixing spray review

Hey Everyone

Today’s post is a review that I have been meaning to to do for a while now but I couldn’t find this product in stores.
I finally purchased the essence makeup fixing spray online as you can see on my previous mini essence haul post .
I have been using it daily for a few weeks now. Because I bought it online I was a bit surprised by how small it looked , its 50 ml (never checked before I ordered), I am not sure if they sell a bigger bottle or not.

It comes in a clear simple bottle with a simply design.
The first time I used it I was very surprised by the spraying power of the nozzle, when you put it directly in front of your face, one spray is powerful enough to cover your whole face evenly. I usually use two sprays and at the most three.

  • Overall I like using this product as part of my daily makeup routine because:
  • Its affordable
  • The spray nozzle deposits the product evenly all over my face
  • Its odourless and undetectable
  • Works well with my oily skin and doesn’t cause any breakouts or irritation to my skin.

It has a refreshing feel to it , and it is completely undetectable (no sticky feeling). And best of all it has no noticeable order which is a big plus for me.                                                 

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