What I'm currently Watching : September 2017

Hi Everyone

Its been a while since I blogged , so i thought the perfect post I should make a come back with  should be about all the shows that have been keeping me busy in the past few months.

I have recently discovered a few good shows that I believe are worth sharing with you guys.They are the prefect shows to watch if you are a big fan on American dad and Family Guy .

1. Rick and Morty
This is the first show on the list for a reason , its one of the best shows i have discovered this year.
Its currently on its 3rd season and  with only 10 episodes per season I wish it had more.
Grandpa Rick is a sociopath scientist who goes on adventurous trips across the universe with his grandson Morty. 
See Trailer Here

2.Bob's Burgers
A colleague of mine recommended this to me 2 months back and I have been bingeing on it ever since.
There are 7 seasons that are out already and with 22 episodes each this show will be sure to keep you entertained  for a while.
The show is about a Guy who owns a Burger place with his Family of Five.  Due to hard times , the restaurant is always in fear on being closed down.
See Trailer Here

3.Jeff and some Aliens
This is a new show which just started in January this year and the first season only has 10 episodes so there is still plenty of time to catch up before the second season start.
 The show is about the worlds most average guy who his rooms mates are Aliens, which leads to very fun adventures.
See Trailer Here

If you guys have any shows that you can recommend to me ,please comment below.

Thanks for reading!!!

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