album review: Taylor Swift:1989


A lot has been said about Taylor's transition from country singer to pop start especially since the release of her previous album Red.

1989 is a full on  pop album and you can tell from the first record titled " welcome to new york "  which is an up bit song that is impossible not to like.

Though it is a straight up pop album it still has the romantic, well written songs that she is known for.
Been listening to the whole album non stop since I got it, which means I have been ignoring all my other music. That's how good the songs are.

Its an album that all her long time fans will love and listeners will enjoy too.Taylor is famous for writing songs from her own life experiences and that makes her music easy to relate to. 

All the songs are good but here are my top picks :

This love

wildest dreams
How you get the girl
You are in love
Bad blood

Best pick me up song:

New romantics

p.s notice the pen clicking sound at the end of the chorus of  blank space.


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