After midnight gold review

When it comes to perfumes, I'm more of a find what you like and stick with it kinda girl, So my perfume collection consists of  only slightly over a handful of trusted fragrances .
 I got this as a gift a few months back  and was reluctant to try it out for a while but once I did I was hooked and I started using it all the time.

 It's a warm and seductive fragrance by Avroy Shlain .It is not exactly a new fragrance but its one of the best I have used in a while.It is sweet and sophisticated with hints of orange blossom, honey and jasmin.

It stays on for a long time after you've sprayed it...almost the whole day.depending on where you use it.

Its great for a nice night out, a nice romantic dinner or a night out with the girls.
Its has a simple packaging which shows the light gold fluid ....the bottle is gold and has a simple design.

A 75ml bottle retails for R299 at


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