mini haul: Typo and Factorie


Can you believe it's the 1st of December already, I am so not ready for 2015 yet....anyway here is a nice post to brighten up your day.

I got these amazing goodies a few days back at typo, had originally planned on going to get the water bottle only but this other things caught my eye too.

Blue "it's a good day to have a good day" water bottle
You might not know this about me but I love collecting water bottles.  I'm  one of those people who always carry water with them so I can't resist a nice water bottle when I come across one. They come in four different colours ,each with different words or shapes on them.
Itretails for R99 and  comes with an extra cap,for days you don't need the cap with the straw.


The two black and white (NY and LA) bags from Factorie.  R50 each.

The cat with the glasses tote is from typo.  R18 each

Pocket tissues

Aren't they so cute? 
It's always a good idea to carry some wipes or pocket tissues in your handbag .
For some reason I keep misplacing them and forget which bag I placed them in,to make things I I usually buy a pack for each bag I use... also a nice trick when it comes to lip balms.
They come in the cutest designs that would be great for anyone.


perfect note book for anyone who's always writting down and those of us who need to write down shopping lists or reminders so we don't forget important things throughtout the day.
R49.95 ($6.95)

have a lovely day...


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