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Its been raining for a few weeks in Pretoria so I have been enjoying the cozy indoors for a while,  which has been good because I had a lot of studying to do anyway.

With no surprise:

I finally finished my exams , which is great as I can finally spend all my days watching shows and doing as I please with no guilt of having to study.

 I find it hard to  study in complete silence so I usually listen to  music while I study.

My playlist:

And of course Taylor Swift-1989

Downtown abbey and the following

Its strange putting this two shows in the same post as they are so different but  I finally got around to watching them around the same time.
I know I'm very late  when it comes to Downtown abbey but damn its good. I'm only two seasons in but I can't wait to catch up with everyone else. I won't say much about the show because I don't wanna ruin it to those of you who have not watched it yet.

I also spent the last week watching The following. I didn't know  much about it before I started watching, it's a show for those of us who enjoy drama with a lot of action and also some mystery . With just two seasons to catch up on I would encourage most of you to try it out.It has a great story line and keeps you on your toes.
Please let me know of any nice shows that you enjoy watching below....


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