2014 favorite movies

Better late than never right? 

I watched a lot of movies in the past year, which makes it impossible to choose which ones I loved the most so I think I'll go buy the movies I kept watching over and over again. 

Gone girl

This is the must see movie of the year. It revolves around the lives of a young married couple, showing their transition from a happy couple to a complicated and twisted marriage. 
It shows us the dark side of marriage and what can happen when two people pretend to be someone completely different to make a relationship work. 


I am a huge fan of scarlett johansson so I was really looking forward to watching this movie as soon as it started showing. The movie is exciting from the get go and would entertain those who are curious about knowledge and also like action.
It's about a young woman who is tricked into working as a drug mule by her new boyfriend.  She ends up consuming a large amount of the drug which gives her enhanced physical and mental capabilities.  Its a great movie even though I hoped the ending would be a little different. 

The maze runner

I have to admit , the first thing that got me interested in the movie is that Dylan 'O Brian(teen wolf) is the main character .
It revolves around a group of boys that are stuck in a maze,with no memory of how they got there and together they have to find a way out.
Great for people who like adventure. 

Guardians of the galaxy

I wrote a post on the movie a few months ago, Check it out here.

I also recommend :

Dawn of the  planet of the apes
Horrible bosses 2

What were your favourite movies of the year?


  1. gone girl is without a doubt one of the best films ive seen in a very very long time. i cant wait for it to come out on dvd so i can rewatch it! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/01/things-that-have-made-me-happy-recently.html xx

    1. I agree, its amazing. I keep recommending it to anyone who hasn,t watched it yet.

  2. the gone girl was awesome! loved LUCy ! and Divergent cant wait for #2

    1. I agree, also can't wait for the 2nd instalment of the divergent series...


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