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Exam season is upon us and I have been so busy finishing my last assignments and preparing for the exams lately that I haven't been able to upload as much as I would have liked .
Preparing for your exams can be really stressful if you have a lot of work to cover.
Here are a few ways I like to prepare for my exams and relief my stress.

Prepare in advance

Don't wait until the last minute to familiarize yourself with your work.
To avoid stress and panic start preparing for the exams a few weeks before they start.
That way by they time they arrive you will know which things to focus more on.

Take advantage of the work you are given throughout the semester

This can be an assignment or tests that you have to complete throughout the semester or year depending on the course.
Take them seriously and use them as a learning experience on what to expect during the exams.
Performing well on them can improve your chances of doing well in your exams too.

Take a break

This is as important as covering all your work material.
After endless sessions of studying , it's important to take something for yourself and do something to ease your mind.
A few ideas: run a warm bath
                    Go for a run
                    Listen to music
                    Watch your favorite TV show and so on.

Have a structure/timetable

Having a plan and a structure of how you are going to do things  can make it easier to achieve what you want.
Plan out how much you would like to cover before hand , how long you will study in a day and when you'll take your study breaks.

Choose a suitable environment

Some people can study around other people and other disturbances whereas other people prefer a quiet environment.
Depend on your ability to keep being focused on what you are doing based your surroundings. You need to choose an environment that's suitable for you.
It can be: A library
               In your room
               Or with a study buddy.
                                       What helps you relax during exam season?

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