How I met your mother: Best episodes

One of the best shows I have ever watched is definitely how I met your mother. It is a funny, well written and has a lovable cast. This is a comedy that kept me laughing and entertained for almost a decade, with 9 seasons and 208 episodes I definitely have a few favourite episodes that I can't help but keep watching over and over again.
For the purpose of this post I'll ignore the ending that disappointed most of us.

The naked man Season 4 Episode 9
The gang meets a man named Mitch who uses a trick called 'the naked man' to get women to sleep with him.
The move: on a date that shows no possibility of another,  one takes advantage of a distraction in order to strip and surprise their date with nakedness in the hope of receiving sex by means of humour,  pity or spontaneity.
The catch: works twice out of 3 times.

Blitzgiving season 6 episode 10
The curse of the blitz: A curse that results in the victim missing epic and miraculous events.
The effect is so strong that the victim's absence is sometimes thought to be the cause of the events.

The best burger in New York Season 4 Episode 2
The gang searches for a long lost burger that Marshall had a few years ago and he claims it was the best burger he ever had, he just happens to have forgotten where the restaurant is.

The final page: part 1 and 2 Season 8 Episode 11 & 12
The gang take revenge on barney for driving them crazy over a jinx.
Ted drags everyone to his old university in order to prove to his old lecturer who didn't believe he would make it as an architect. 

Barney proposes to Robin.

The playbook Season 5 Episode 8
Barney returns to the dating world after a breakup with Robin with the help of a book that has tricks he can use on women.

A change of heart  season 6 Episode 18
Marshall's dead dies of a heart attack, he's worried about his own hear so he decides to go to a check up and forces everyone else to do the same.
                                          Which episode is your favourite?

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