Winter essentials: Body care

As most of us know the weather in south Africa is getting colder and colder by the day, we are in one of my least favourite seasons at the moment. I really not a fan of winter, I just try and survive through it the best way I know how, I am more of a warmer climate kinda girl.
I recently changed up my body care essentials to try and bring in the sunshine in my now dull and cold days.
Most of this products have a great summery feel to them that will brighten my days till spring.

Body wash

Nivea happy time shower cream and Body Lotion
This is what I usually use on a daily basis.
The scent is what drew me to the product.
It has a light orangey (citrusy) scent that I completely love.
They are both great for normal to dry skin, it contains hydra IQ which keeps you moisturised throughout the day.
Available at Clicks and Dischem.


Woolworths peach blush whisked body butter

Another lotion I use regularly ,it's a thick body butter that is great for the cold weather.
The best thing about the body butter is the scent, it has a strong fruity scent that is to die for.
It's is a peach and shea butter combination so no wonder it smells divine.
Only R45 at Woolworths


Body oils

Nivea firming body oil

I know I know it's the 3rd nivea product in this post but I can't help it, they are great with skin care.
I only started using the oil a few weeks ago but I'm completely in love with it, it makes my skin feel so silky.
Also use: Justine Tissue Oil



Keeping up with the summery scents I have been using.
Beyonce: Heat Rush
Revlon: Love her madly body spray
They both smell amazing and compliment each other well.
                                      Which products are you obsessed with this season?

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