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As I mentioned in my back to gym post which you can read here , I have been trying to get fitter and making healthier choices this year.
I have changed up my diet and have been making exercise and going to the gym a normal activity in my life.
I used to prefer working out in the morning but since it's winter in south Africa its really getting hard to workout that early. So until it gets a bit warmer in a couple of months I will be working out in the evenings (after work).
Here are my Gym bag essentials:


I think this is the most important item you can own if you workout regularly.
You need to invest in comfortable sneakers that will last if you will be doing a lot of training or running.

Tote bag

Thank God for  the Tote bag
Well bags to be exact , I have a couple of them so I can just change them up when I need to.
My most important thing besides (besides the quickly) when looking for a new tote is the design , I prefer a fun print over a simple design.
Typo and factorie have fun/cool designs.



Water bottle and Towel

 Having a towel with you helps to keep you fresh and clean throughout the exercise.
I am a collector of water bottles, it's really hard to resist buying a new bottle when I come across a new and cool design.
Having water with you keeps you hydrated throughout your routine but I also suggest keeping a water bottle with you all day.


It can be from a phone,  iPod, tablet or  mp3 player, almost everything plays music these days.
Whatever you prefer , music helps to keep my workouts exciting.
Listening to your favourite songs can keep you going and prevent boredom.


I always keep a deodorant and body spray with me to help keep me feeling fresh.

Shower Gel and Body Lotion

For the showers after
The showers after a workout are the best.

                                                          What's in your Gym bag?

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