Achieving your goals #1

I have really been thinking or asking myself about the things I wanted to achieve this year and so on and even though I know exactly what I wanted I was in a way afraid to post them on the blog, but I eventually did which you can read by clicking here.

While going through the goals I have,  I feel like there are a few that are always the same each year. For the sake of this post we will stick to with the weightloss (getting fit) goal, which is what most people have each year. Last year I had the same goal and I worked on it on and off throughout the year until maybe the last few months of 2016 that's when I feel like I started getting serious.

Last Tuesday I I went out for breakfast with my brother and as always I asked him the same question I always ask when I see him.

"What's the secret to weightloss?"

The secret to  succeeding in what many of us keep trying to achieve each year but only a few succeed.
I haven't mentioned this before on the blog but my brother lost a lot of weight (around 50 kgs) two years ago.
I guess he is really tired of me asking the same thing over and over again but this is what he said.

"You know what to do,you ask me all the time and i always tell you but yet you still go back to your old habits"

By knowing  he's talking about the same old eat right, move more and keep at it trick.
Tough love I guess or maybe he just forgot the struggle.

He then went on to say "when you really want something you really go after it"
He said something about people going around in circles each year instead of just doing what you need to do.
That statement really dawned on me , do I really want to keep doing the same thing each year over and over again or do I finally want to do whatever it takes to achieve what I want. 

So I really went home and thought about it and really thought about all the goals that I have in my life.
It reminded me of a certain himym  quote

"do you want to keep playing the game or do you want to win?  "

So this year and from now on I decided that I want to keep the promises I make to myself or at least try to.

What is it that you always wanted to achieve ?

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