Achieving your goals #2

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I have thinking of what I want in my life , goals of what I want to achieve and more importantly how I can achieve them.
I think this is a great time to post this as many of us might be asking the same questions to ourselves as its the start of  a new year.

Going for the win
I think finally deciding to give something in your life all you can is the best thing you can do for your self.
Achieving your goals will take hard work and determination, unless you are willing to give it your all and keep going no matter what happens you might be setting your self up for failure.
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The thing you spend your most time focusing on is what you succeed in
I know two close people who have lost massive amounts of weight and upon asking them a few questions and observing them I noticed one thing they have in common is that through their process and still to the point , their lives resolves around fitness in a way.
They enjoy it, their idea of fun is something that is fitness related. 

My point: what you focus on the most and spend most of your time doing is usually what you succeed on. Whether it is fitness,  writing,  blogging n etc
If your main interest is music or watching tv shows you are probably more knowledgeable on those topics than most people.

Do it daily
If I want to be a good writer, it's probably best to practice writing daily so I can get better at it. Whether its 5 pages or one paragraph.
If you want to get fit, make sure you make time to move everyday whether its 15 minutes or an hour.
My point: every day do something that contributes to achieving your goals.

Keep growing
It's important to keep finding ways to improve your life , don't get frustrated when it's taking time to get to where you want to be.
The fact that you are trying is the big win.


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