March round up

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                                          Chapter 24 / How I improved my blog photography

Hey Everyone

March was a surprisingly good month.  Even though it had a lot of ups and downs , a lot of things ended up working out.
It started out with finally getting my long awaited photography equipment , sooo it was a fun month learning to use everything.

Most importantly it was my birthday month which was exciting and I got to the celebrate it the whole week (fun and tiring).On to other exciting news , the day before my birthday I got the job that I really wanted, that was a big load of my shoulders since I was stressing about turning 24 and having to go back to staying at home n etc.  (My last contract had just ended in January) .

Wanting: to blog more this April and in the following months
Reading: A lot of blogs.... from roses, this is ess , kenzas are some of my favorite
Watching: Since I am planning on posting on my favorite shows at the moment. But when it comes to you tube I have recently discovered superwoman's  videos.... they are so much fun
Listening: to Mikky Ekko and Sia's album, my faves are time and cheap thrills *****
Hoping: to finally start my youtube channel,  been planning on doing that for a while.
Waiting: On the season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, April 24 seems so far.
Wishing: I was going to the formation tour (sad face)
Working: On new ideas for the blog,  since I haven't been posting much since January
Munching : On cheese and tomato sandwiches,  I have just rediscovered my love for them .
Sipping: Coffee Coffee Coffee.... early mornings call for coffee
Saving: I should probably start doing that , it's just so hard to save money but I know after I start doing so I won't regret it
Looking:  Forward to the weekend,  I am writing this post on a Friday
Wearing: My cardigans , which I wear almost every day , they are so comfy and simple to pair with many outfits
Refusing: to accept that it's Autumn in South Africa at the moment , it's starting to get colder and colder by the day
Organizing: My room , moved into a new flat in February
Loving: My new Deliciously Ella book, got it as a birthday present for my friend

Thanks you for reading


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