October Roundup

Hi Everyone

I feel like I have been very bad at blogging lately , hardly posted anything this month. I have been so busy with work at when I have some free time I just want to rest and have some free time to myself aka recharging my batteries. Overall the month of October has been really good , I am really excited about my second month being back at gym ,finally working at that getting fit new year resolution haha anyway better late than never. I have been watching Grimm this whole month , its really great i kinda under estimated it a while back before I started watching it. Its a good show and would definitely recommend to everyone.

Thinking: About how hot it is this summer
 Reading: Nothing at the moment, been so busy lately
Watching: Narcos , I just started watching the first season and I am hooked
Hoping: I get some free time soon, A day just spent doing nothing
Waiting: For the December holidays
Working: Nothing creative at the moment

Munching: On a lot of fizzers, there are jars of all kinds of flavours around the office and the inner kid in me just can't resist
Sipping:Lots and lots of water
Saving: Up for a new phone

Looking: For new sandals to wear this spring
Wearing:A lot of blazers lately
Buying: Alot of sneakers
Refusing: To believe i'll be turning 25 in four months
Organizing: My room, put away all the winter clothes

Thanks for reading ,Have a lovely November!

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