What I look for in skincare products

One of the most important thing you can do for your skin is is to find skincare products that work for you, your budget and your skin type. While I love trying out new products its very exciting to find a product that is a perfect match for me.

This are the things that help me when I am shopping for new skincare products:

1. Think about what I need from the product whether it’s looking for oil control, spot clearing or anti- ageing products.

2. Products that are right for my skin type
Not all products are created equal, they are mostly targeted to a specific skin type . I have oily skin so I look for oil controlling, light weight and mattyfying products.

3. Sun Protection
Moisturisers with SPF should forever be in our makeup bags especially in summer. There is no better way to protect the skin from the sun than using a moisturizer that is enriched with SPF.

4. The scent
The way a product smells is important when choosing a product that you will be using daily. I prefer products that are scent free or just have a light refreshing smell.

5. Irritation to skin
It is always important to see how your skin reacts to a certain product. If it causes irritation or not . you can easily do this by using a little amount of the product on your hand, leave it there for a few minutes and see how your skin reacts.   

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