review: sorbet nail polish remover

There's nothing I love more than painting my nails.
I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, perhaps that's why I own a million nail polishes.

 If you change your nail colour shade as much as I do, you need a good  nail polish remover to go with it. I spotted this nail polish a few weeks ago at clicks and was immediately attracted to its bright colour and packaging.

The are three variations in the range: There is hydrate (orange ), harden (pink) and nourish (green,pictured above) which is the one I decided to on purchasing.

Harden is the only remover that contains acetone. The rest are acetone free.

I decided on the nourish remover because I wanted something soft on my nails, something I can use all the time without damaging my nails. And of course the light and fresh scent doesn't hurt at all. It is fragranced with rosemary oil.

I used it a couple of times and I definitely love the salon pump nozzle. Its good for clumsy people like me as it reduces any chances of accidental spills. Its a huge 250 ml bottle that is sure it last a while because a little goes a long way. I really like the polish remover and definitely looking forward to trying the others  in the range.

It's currently available at clicks for R39.99.
If you have already tried it tell me what you think below...


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