Favourite fragrances at the moment

Hello Everyone
Today I want to share with you some of my favourite perfumes at the moment,  in other words my current most worn fragrances.
I am really into light ,feminine and fruity perfumes.  
Some of the fruity perfumes I use are light so I usually pair them with a fragranced body butter of my choice.

Heat rush by Beyoncé
I have had this perfume in my collection for a while but it is still a favourite.  A week doesn't go by that I don't use it.  It has a soft,fruity scent that is perfect for spring and summer months. 

If you have a weak spot for anything tropical then this is the perfume for you.

Strawberry eau de toilette by The body shop
Another one from the fruity section,  this is actually the 1st perfume I have tried from the body shop.

I was in their store one day and a lady next to me sprayed it,it smelled so sweet and fruity that I couldn't go home without it.

This is the yummiest perfume I have ever tried and wearing it just brings me so much happiness.
Top notes: red currant,  wild strawberry and red apple
Love pairing this with the Berry crush whisked body butter by woolworths.

After midnight gold: Alvroy Shlein
This one is a bit different from the above mentioned fragrances .It is warm and seductive fragrance with hints of honey and jasmine.
Click here to read my full review on the perfume.


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